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Guide for Collecting Signatures

Why does Mike need signatures and what is a CAN-4?
  • Every candidate for United States Senate must submit a certified petition of nomination (CAN-4) signed by at least 4,500 registered voters of the state, including at least 500 registered voters from each of Indiana’s 9 congressional districts to be placed on the primary election ballot.
  • A CAN-4 is the official form from the Indiana Secretary of State that a candidate uses to collect signatures so they can be listed on the ballot in the 2018 Primary Election for United States Senate.

Who can sign the petition and what info do they need to provide?

  • Any registered voter in the State of Indiana can sign a petition.
  • For a signature to be valid each registered voter must provide the following on the petition
o valid signature
o date of birth
o name printed legibly
o residence mailing address

  • A minor variation between the name or address of a petition signer and the name or address on the county voter registration records does not invalidate the signature, but a substantial variation renders the signature invalid.
  • The best rule of thumb is to use the information on your driver’s license because it is probably he same information on file with the county voter registration office.

What other sections of the CAN-4 need to be filled out before sending a form back to Mike’s campaign?

  • County line – Please make sure you write in the County where you expect most voters to be from. Voters signing the petition must be from the county listed on the form. If you have voters coming from multiple counties then please provide a separate form for each county.
  • Signature Section – Please encourage legible printing for the name, birthdate, and residence address. DO NOT MARK the columns labeled Office Use Only, markings on this section could invalidate a signature or an entire form.
  • Petition Carrier Section – Please complete this section before returning to Mike’s campaign
  • Page 2 – Please DO NOT MARK Page 2, unless assisting a disabled voter. 

Do I have to be a Republican if I sign or does this mean I must vote for Mike?

  • No to both. Anyone signing the form is only supporting Mike’s right to have his name appear on the ballot.

Deadline to return signature sheets to Mike Braun campaign – December 31, 2017

Please return in-person or mail to 505 Main St, Jasper, IN 47546

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