ZIONSVILLE, IN – Mexico Joe Donnelly says he’s with President Trump, but he voted against Justice Kavanaugh and for Hillary Clinton. He says he’s for keeping us safe, but voted for the Iran nuclear deal. He says he’s against outsourcing, but sent jobs to Mexico.

Career politician Joe Donnelly doesn’t stand for anything, and today Mike Braun is releasing a new TV ad to show Hoosiers that Mexico Joe is just blowin’ in the wind.

Click here to watch Mike’s new ad. 

“Senator Donnelly will tell Hoosiers anything, but he stands for nothing: he’s just blowin’ in the wind. You can’t say you’re with President Trump when you’re standing with the extreme left on Justice Kavanaugh, Hillary Clinton & the Iran deal, and you can’t keep fooling Hoosiers when you’re the least effective Democrat Senator and shipped jobs to Mexico.” Mike Braun

Full text of “Blowin’ in the Wind”:
Need a United States Senator?
Come on down to Joe Donnelly’s!
For the Senator that blows in the wind
He won’t stand for anything:
Says he’s for Trump, but voted against Brett Kavanaugh
And endorsed Hillary Clinton
Says he’ll keep us safe, but voted for the Iran nuclear deal
Rails against outsourcing, but shipped jobs to Mexico!
Joe Donnelly: The Resistance-approved, say anything, do nothing Senator for Indiana!