Mike Braun Releases New TV Ad: “Dollar”

“Dollar” Contrasts Braun’s Business Record with Senator Donnelly’s

ZIONSVILLE, IN – Today, Mike Braun released a new ad contrasting his business record of creating good-paying American jobs for American workers with Senator Donnelly’s record of outsourcing Hoosier jobs to Mexico to save a buck:

“Mexico Joe thinks he can hide his shameful record by lying about Mike Braun, but Hoosiers won’t be fooled,” said spokesman Josh Kelley. “Mike Braun’s company operates only in America and only hires Americans. Senator Donnelly’s company shipped Hoosier jobs to Mexico. Mike Braun’s company pays nearly double the minimum wage starting out. Senator Donnelly’s company paid workers in Mexico less than a dollar an hour.”

Watch the ad here:

Full transcript of “Dollar”:

VO : Senator Donnelly’s manufacturing company outsourced Hoosier jobs to Mexico so they could pay less than a dollar an hour.
Now he’s trying to cover it up by lying about Mike Braun.
Mike has spent his life creating American jobs:
Only operating in America, only hiring Americans, and paying nearly double the minimum wage starting out.
Mexico Joe will say anything.
Mike Braun will fight for us.
MB: I’m Mike Braun, and I approve this message.