Democrats Fail, Braun makes the ballot

Fresh from another fundraiser with Chuck Schumer, Joe Donnelly and his lackeys FAILED in their attempt to keep Mike Braun off the ballot. 

Despite what you might have heard from the fake news, Mike Braun is officially on the ballot to be your next senator. 

Sadly, that isn’t stopping Joe Donnelly and his hometown cronies from continuing their dirty tricks to try and avoid running against him this fall. 

This is simply their latest attempt to avoid running against a true conservative in the general election and to stop President Trump from getting the support he needs in Washington.

Conservatives all across the state are fighting back. Join Mike Braun’s team in helping to ensure that liberal elites like Joe Donnelly no longer represent the hard working men and women of Indiana.

Mike Braun’s momentum is growing everyday and liberals are desperately looking for any excuse to slow the campaign down.