A Family Man – A Note From Maureen Braun

I want you to know more about my husband, Mike Braun, running for US Senate for Indiana. I have been married to him for 42 years, and I know him best! Here are the top 10 words I would use to describe him: honest, humble, hard-working, patient, persistent, energetic, visionary, doer, intelligent, and leader. These character descriptions are the same now as they were in high school when he was President of our Senior Class and Outstanding Senior Boy. They will remain with him when elected our next Senator.

The attack ads on Mike and his business, Meyer Distributing, are false. Please don’t let Joe Donnelly and Chuck Schumer’s PAC fool you. Mike started with 15 employees in a trailer and has grown it to over 900 employees in 68 locations across the US. That doesn’t happen if you don’t take care of your people! Meyer covers pre-existing conditions. Employee premiums have stayed flat for 10 years. Notice words like accused, allegedly, reportedly in these ads. Really?! The truck in the accident in the ad was not Meyer Distributing’s truck. The retired worker never worked for Meyer. Mike would never have a driver change his log hours. Mike’s business does not have revolving gold doors, and Mike does not wear a suit to work. Mike’s company distributes auto and truck accessories and does not manufacture anything. They have zero employees in China and zero employees outside the USA. They distribute products that other companies manufacture. Mike is proud to live the American Dream! With three of our four children working in the company, we see a great future. Those ads do not represent Mike’s character, or his business over 38 years, or the future.

Mike is focused on what he can do for YOU! For INDIANA! Did you know that Joe Donnelly voted over 70% of the time with Bernie Sanders? Over 80% with Chuck Schumer? And almost 100% of the time with the Obama agenda? Do they represent you? NO! Mike has lived in Indiana 62 years, and he knows Hoosiers! He was a State Rep for 3 years and knows how government works. He knows about business, budgeting, logistics, finance, and solutions to health care and education. Indiana will truly miss out if he is not elected.

How can you help? Please forward this letter to everyone you know in Indiana. Family. Friends. Neighbors. Coworkers. Business connections. Add your personal note in the email. The fact that you have connected with us in some way will help others to spread the word. We need you! Early voting begins October 10. Election Day is Nov. 6. Every vote counts. Every email or letter is appreciated. Donations are very much appreciated!
I have never felt so passionate about anything in my life. I truly believe this opportunity to elect a Republican Senator in Indiana is crucial to the future of our country. Now is our chance. Now is the time to shout out, “MIKE BRAUN FOR US SENATE!”

Maureen Braun